Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 Snowflake Saturday Sales
This Saturday, December 15th, We have quite a few sales going on.....

To see most of our Furniture & Home Decor you  can go to our Website......

 This is a few of our latest....Burlap Tree with little red jingle bells. I love lanterns, you can do so much with them. Your can change them for the seasons & holidays.
We have a couple of new Corner Cabinets finished. This one in our Cottage White....

 and also one in our
 French Country Black.
We have a couple of matching ones coming up.
I'll post them when we've finished them.......probably next year!

 My daughter started making this little blocks. They fit in everywhere.
Not just for Christmas.
I thought I had photos of more of them. I'll have to post them later.
They would make great stocking stuffers.

This is a little dresser my husband made with all different handles. Very eclectic! He also added a back splash on top with a decorative applique that is covered up with the clock.