Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"All that Glitters is Gold" at The Cottage...

Hey all, so there's been about a million things I could have blogged about over the past months, but I just had to share our latest venture at the Cottage. We had a fun little contest over on our Facebook page to see if anyone could guess our new colors. There are three and we had some great guesses and some winners. Y'all are the first to be let in on the big secret. As you can see from the pic above our new colors are gold, a new "whiter" white, but also a rich teal shown in the picture below. 

We're calling it "Worn Teal".  I painted this super cool piece, it's a cedar chest/dresser I guess, I'm not sure what to call it.  I've never seen anything like it, it's all lined in cedar. 

We cleared out the summer room and begin with a clean slate(I know clean slates are the best). We cleaned, repaired and painted to prepare. It's pretty different than what your used to seeing at the cottage. A little more modern and bright with straighter cleaner lines, and a lot less distressing.

We've often had requests for a "whiter" white than our creamy cottage white( which we will definitely still be using, it's our best selling color) so we found one for y'all.   As for the gold, I'm just so in love with this trend. If you happen to follow me on Pinterst you can see I'm a little obsessed with it.

So to break it down, I knew we had to have a white and gold sawhorse desk, so my mom and dad threw this one together(I'm pretty sure they think otherwise it was actually a little more complicated than that) but it's definitely well made. Not the "throw some sawhorses down and board on top" the way I would have done it. (I'm kidding...sort of).  Didn't their's turn out awesome.

I wanted to add some office type accessories cause this look is so perfect for a pretty, feminine, fun office space. So I added gold paper trays, pink pencils, and a chevron journal.

when we started talking about adding teal I knew this was the perfect piece. I did distress it and also  antiqued over it with Minwax in "Provincial".

I sprayed my Ikea metal shelf, which I think is perfect for the look we were going for a little more modern and clean.

We shopped and painted and sprayed for the fun finishing touches.  After all who doesn't need a pair of gold antlers?

We also put together a gallery wall, with one of a kind, handmade framed inspirational quotes and fun accessories.

I think this look is perfect for a feminine pretty office space, or if your so inclined to decorate your closet(I just may be considering this), or maybe a teen girls room.

We also added some soft pink touches here and there to shabby it up a little...

A gold chandelier of course...

A super unique ornate mirror, with soo much detail...

It's the perfect spot to show off our "German Glass Glitter"...

  I got my inspiration for this look from Pinterest of course, but also from designers like Kate Spade and Theresa Collins.  If you think you'd like to add a little glitz your space check out my Gold-Spiration board for, well some inspiration.  This was just the funnest room to put together, I hope you all enjoy it, and come, shop, spend, and be inspried.

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