Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Transformed Hutch

I picked up this hutch from Craigslist for $12, that's what it was advertised as, not $10, not $15 a whole 12 bucks.  Great right?  Except it wasn't too long before I was thinking $12 may have been too much.  Ya know when sometimes free can be too much.  It was pretty broken, the doors were definitely unusable and I couldn't get it in my head how I would fix it.  

So my husband had to come to the rescue.  He actually explained what I should do, but in the end he had to just get out there and do it, well I removed all the doors, then he had to removed middle piece of glass, and wood in between the bottom cupboards.  Then we filled and sanded and filled and sanded.  

We removed the back, it was also damaged, and got some bead board and stained it.  I painted it black, distressed it, put the original handles back on, and added the iron brackets (my moms idea) don't they just make it?

In the end I think it made quite a transformation, you can hardly recognize it, right?
Here it is before...

Here it is at the Cottage


By the way I'm using some of the pieces we broke off to make chalkboards and stencil words on, yeah I'm the ultimate recycler, Lol.

Thanks so much for stoppin'