Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bird and Branch Buffet

I don't know why I'm sorta nervous posting about this buffet, it's my first try at free hand painting, and let me say it was last resort idea, I think I would have tried anything, but it came down to having to just do it. 

The buffet sat in my garage for a good month, and sat there again all painted white, I knew it needed something it was just so straight and plain in the front, my mom and dad would have added some decorative appliques and molding, which would have looked great, I just wanted to do something different.  I've been drooling over the pieces on Pinterest with painting on them, and I actually had the bird and branch idea in my head, I just didn't quite know how to pull it off, I'm loving bird decor right now, these are my curtains, they were a little inspiration. 
So now to how to pull it off, my first thought was to make a stencil with the Cricut, so I have a cartridge with a bird and branch I used it here on my mailbox.

The problem was it won't let you have any of the image off the virtual mat, and I needed it to be big, like really big, so my second option was to find an image on the Internet and cut it using another software program I have, so after searching I found one I liked ok, cut it out, and tried putting the four pieces of vinyl on the buffet, like a stencil, well trying to place something that big and match up four pieces of very sticky vinyl, well it just wasn't working the way it did in my head(how many times can I say that) so after peeling the vinyl off, along with most of the white paint, that ended in a wad of waisted vinyl and me very frustrated, and so it sat a few more days.

Well after repainting, and distressing, again, I couldn't get the idea of the image painted on the front of the buffet out of my head.  I decided I was just gonna have to try painting, free hand, let me just say I really can't think of a time I have painted a picture of any sort since maybe grade school, and this is my mom, "anyone can paint, it just takes a good brush" by the way she painted years and years, I'm not talking a piece of furniture all one color, I mean tiny little eyes and eyelashes, sometimes I think if you have a talent you don't realize not everyone can do it. 

I thought well I'm pretty good at copying things, I think I could look at a picture and draw it, and so that's what I did, for two hours, sat in my garage with the computer on top the buffet and drew the image, and then with my borrowed "good brush" I went over it with my favorite color right now, gray.  The good thing about distressing furniture is you can just sand away the mistakes...who knew...I did it, let me know what you think...but be kind, it's my first time.

Here it is before...
And after...
   Thanks for stopping by

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Weekend "New"

So here's what we've been working on this week...

Butcher block style drop leaf table with drawer and antique green glass handle.
Tall cottage white side table with drawer and added appliques and glass knob
Cute little labeled tins
Mason jar candles with burlap and raffia details(who needs solar anyway)
Fancy silver napkin rings
Industrial level, ruler frame
Dressy red iron chair with french writing
Adorable antique milk bottles
Rustic sofa style table
Tall lantern in rustic gold
Decorative half barrel
Two tone red and antique round scalloped side table
Two tone red and antique child's chair
Having a wedding? show you guests where to park with these adorable hand made signs.
So come visit and browse in our gorgeous fall surroundings, we would love to see you this weekend!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Thank You! & Decorative Screen

We had a great turnout this weekend, Thank you to everyone that came and shopped we had so much fun, gave away lots of free gifts and refreshments.  I'll try to remember to post the winners of our door prizes, we had three baskets of Camille Beckman lotions and scrubs.  A special Thank you to our loyal and returning customers, you are why we get to keep doing this.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming events: Our annual Halloween evening, and a Christmas open house, I will be posting dates and details as we get closer.

Now on to my latest project I found this decorative screen at a garage sale this summer,

Here it is before...

and it reminded me of these chairs I did a few months back. 

I loved the way the caning(not actually sure that's what it's called) turned out when painted white and distressed, it didn't end up looking exactly the same but I think I like the way it turned out anyway. It would be pretty to put in front of something not so pretty(I have lots of those spots),  or in a shop perhaps, we love when store owners come and visit. 




Thursday, September 13, 2012

The "Weekend New" and Sale

So here's what's new for the Weekend, and we will be open Friday as well as Saturday, because we're having our annual anniversary sale.  There will be lots of sales, give aways, door prizes and refreshments, so come on by if your in the area we would love to see you.

And so on to what's new...

Gray and white French Provincial desk
Memo frames
Adorable chair made from vintage finds, with cute little storage drawers
A new chalkboard framed in cottage white
Distressed black bench with storage drawer
Tiered display table in gray and cottage white
Cottage white tall shelf with little cabinet doors and drawer at the bottom
distressed iron and wood trellis
Round end table with french writing
And our 50% off table
Thanks so much for stopping by

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two Child's Chairs

I bought both of these cute little chairs at separate garage sales, they just sat there for weeks, well the bench style one for months.  Actually they didn't just sit there, my almost three year old had them in and out of the house, and up to her little table, with her stuffed animals and dolls, sitting through tea parties(I think she's going to miss them). I guess I just couldn't get a vision for them. 

Finally I got them painted, and still no real vision, they definitely needed something, I thought stencil, but of what, I'm really not sure how it came to me, but suddenly of course "tiara", the perfect little girl symbol, so I searched through my Cricut images, and came across a tiara and then the "Once Upon a Time" it was just right.

I kept searching, I thought I wanted a round little flower to match the one already on it, in the corner of the seat, then saw the little butterfly and had to put it next to the little flower, and thought the branch kinda went. 

So there ya go, a little of my thought process, some pieces just take a little longer.  The butterfly chair sold at the Antique Fair, but the little tiara rocker is at the Cottage.



Monday, September 3, 2012

Ready for Fall

Hello, last week we got the cottage ready for fall, isn't it the best season, I'm always ready for the change at this time of year.  If you're in the area, you'll have to come see the cottage all dressed for fall...

 "Happy Fall"