Friday, August 31, 2012

The Weekend "New"

Ready for "The Weekend New" This is what we've been working on, unpacking, or refinishing this week and will be at the cottage this weekend...

Shannon's Cottage White Dresser

French Burlap Seat Cushions

Tin Containers with chalkboard labels in 3 sizes

Shabby yellow stool and fancy white sconces

Tin birdcage on pedestal

Adorable french journals in many styles not shown

Pretty french green pitcher

Thanks so much for stopping by

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At the Antique Fair

Well we made it through, here's a few pics from our day at the Antique Fair, thanks to everyone who came that got the email, it was fun to see you, we had a great day.  we really mostly wanted to advertise our little cottage, with it being so close(about 5 miles) and I feel like we definitely did that we went through about 300 flyer's, and had lots of people visit the Cottage that day, so mission accomplished I think.

We had to get up at 4:30 and be set up by 7am, but Dutch Bros was conveniently right across the street
And a little child labor helps(I know it doesn't look like he's laboring much here, but it's amazing what you can get out of him for a Dutch Bros.)
Here's our booth...
It was definately worth it I think, but we were awfully tired by the end of the day, so maybe after some sleep we'll decide if we will make it next year or not.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

We're Gettin' Ready

Hello, we are gearing up for the antique fair this Sunday, it's been a few years so I thought I would share what we brought to the last antique fair we participated in.

We're so excited...hope to see you there.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Please Join Us...

Oregon City Antique Fair Logo

We'll be at the 17th annual "Oregon City Open Air Antique Fair" this Sunday, on historic main street in downtown Oregon City.  If your in the area come by we would love to see you there, the Cottage will also be open on Sunday from 10-5 as well as Saturday. 

In case you've never been, there is about 100 booths with antiques and collectables, between 7th and 10th street and it's free to the public.  There will also be live music and food.  Hope to see you there.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Weekend "New"

What do you think, does that sound better? Since we're only open on Saturday's, I wanted to kind of show what would be new at the cottage every weekend.  I was calling it "what's new Friday", but blah, I think this is better, do you get it instead of "The Weekend News", I know I'm dork, whatever, here we go...

We got a new shipment of accessories, these are my fave, they are so adorable, I'm sure you can't tell by they are actually tiny.

you might be able to tell a little more in this one because of our tag, aren't they so cute.

and this kind of old fashioned looking picture or card holder

These are so super adorable too, I'm pretty sure at least one will end up in my house, they are also petite(notice the tag)

cute little tin number pitcher

and these tin candle holders

My dad finished these this week out of all kinds of fun finds, aren't they awesome(ok about the ugly pic,  I copied the edited version and the unedited one would show up, what, if anyone has any advice on this would love to hear it, very frustrating)

And my mom(Faye) finished this table with the script, is it cute or what.

Antiqued standing mirror(again unedited, grrr)

Black and antiqued hope chest, or whatever chest

Cottage white mirror

"pearls of wisdom" glass jars

Antique Tongs?

So there was a few more I wanted to share, but the pictures just didn't want to cooperate, so if your in the are come by and visit with us.  We are off to the annual Oregon City historic district sales.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Cottage White and Pink French Provential Dresser

I got this dresser at a garage sale a month or so ago with the intention of selling it, but realized my girls' are going to need a dresser when they move to their new big, new(brother's old) room so I decided to keep it, maybe I'll blog about that redo when the time comes, and it's so well made and sturdy

So it's not going to be at the cottage, but I thought I would share the before and after pics

here it is before(after I took the handles off, then I remembered to take the before pic)

I'm really into the contrasting colors right now, I guess I was getting a little board with just black or white.  I did this one a few months ago as a custom order, I wasn't sure I was going to like, but when it was done I thought it turned out really cute.
I sanded and primed as usual.  All those drawers are gonna be great in the girls' room.

After two coats of some pink paint I already had

It would be cute with glass handles, but I thought the ones that were on it were pretty cute(and free)

After primer and heirloom white spray paint

Then two coats of our cottage white on the dresser

And finally all done(hopefully it makes it to their new room soon).


Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's New Friday

So now that our blog is new and improved and I'm not quite so embarrassed, I wanted to start a "What's New" post, hopefully every Friday to tell you about what's going to be new at the cottage for the weekend, there are five of us, out there scouting around, so there's usually lots of new one of kind, reinvented items every week.

Whether a great new made over piece of furniture, accessories with our own little touch added, maybe a new chandelier, or perhaps something completely homemade(it happens). So for the very first time here are our "New Items" this week.

Small round table in cottage white with stenciled clock

Potting bench made from and old window

Curvy bench in cottage white upholstered in burlap

Large side table in cottage white

Cottage white colonial secretary with stained bead boad backing

Cottage white dresser and mirror with contrasting pink drawers

Cottage white extending sideboard

Cedar cooler box with bottle opener

Cottage white and burlap tiny stool

Rocking chair with writing

Shiny red tin pitcher

Cottage white "EAT" Platter

So there you go if your in the area we would love to see this weekend, come browse, and enjoy a beverage with us!