Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinterest "Inspired" Dresser

So I have been actually been told that I have talent for decorating, and I'm thinking talent? what talent is that, because honestly I think my talent might just be the talent to copy someone elses talent, I sort of feel like it's my dirty little secret.  When I have a new project, or room to decorate, or empty wall, I usually do get a picture or idea in my head, but the first thing I think is someone else has done this, and ever since I discovered Pinterest that's where I go to find someone elses talented finished project and, shh, copy it.  That is where I discovered all the things with stenciled numbers on them, and so I tried it here with this dresser...

My mom put it on Facebook and it sold right away, and we had requests to make another so when I found this little "desperately in need of character" dresser at a garage sale, it was the perfect candidate.  I would love to give the person who came up with this idea credit, but I really have no idea who it was, but I will thank Pinterest for the never ending supply of "inspiration".




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