Sunday, November 25, 2012

I've been wanting to blog about this for awile. When I went in to retrieve my pictures, I had to go back to August. That's when I bought it, I didn't realize I had been so slowful. I finally got it done. I love how it turned out.

My husband matched the paint for the outside with all the little cubbies and drawers inside.
I didn't want to paint all those litte cubbies. And I like the yellow color.
 I just didn't like the dark stained outside.
 It was sooo dated.

I was hoping when I got this far I wouldn't have to paint all the window type sections.
I told myself it looked fine the way it was.

I kept looking at it and new it would bug me to leave it this way.
 I just wasn't sure I would just mess it up.
But I just kept touching it up when I would get the yellow on the white, and then the white on the yellow and so on and so on, back and forth.

I painted all the original knobs and handles White so they would stand out.
I love the French Provencial Handles.
All Done.

And Here is the Before!!


Chenille Cottage said...

Oh..what a beautiful transformation! Isn't it amazing what a pretty new face can do for an old piece?

Katie McLoud said...

That was a great post!

Dee said...

What a beautiful fresh new look! Nice job, Dee from My Painted Stuff.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Faye, this redesign is amazing. Love how it turned out and I know the challenge of painting all those little details. The color is gorgeous.
Love your blog and now a new follower too.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

victoriantailor said...

You did a beautiful job on this, I like your decision,this is a beautiful piece, wow! could get a lot of sewing stuff in that!

fiona anderson said...

I love all the little drawers and cubby holes. This is such a great piece and you've done an amazing makeover !

Faye@The Shabby Cottage Home said...

Hi, thanks for your sweet comments, I love hearing from you all! I haven't been blogging for long and it's sooo nice to have comments.
Thanks, Faye

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