Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Biggest Sale Ever...& a Mistake

That's right I made a mistake(ok it's not really all that uncommon) I sent out my post on
my Schoolhouse Desk before it was actually finished, so if you happened to see that post please take a moment to see it in it's entirety, here's the link. Not sure what happened, just lost my head for a moment, have I mentioned I'm new to this blogging thing, whatever move on.

I wanted to talk about our Anniversary sale this weekend, we're super excited it's gonna be a huge celebration at the Cottage.  For the first time ever, everything will be on sale, even furniture.  We really never put furniture on sale because our prices are our prices and we don't really price things so we can put them on sale, so we think it's a pretty big deal.  

It's the perfect time to stop by, the Cottage is all dressed for fall, and we have a huge inventory of painted furniture, and unique home decor.  Ya see we have to get it all inside for the winter, so we need to move some pieces.

We'll be giving away a set of chalkboard labeled antique ball jars to a lucky winner

and  a free gift from Graceful Rose Soap Co. just for showing up. 

We'll be making some fall flavored goodies, I've been telling everyone we'll have cider, but apparently it's going to 90 degrees, so I may come up with some kind of cold fall drink, any ideas?

Hope to see you there!



Loris Glassworks said...

I love your little Cottage Business, I wish I could visit your fall sale event. We live on the East Coast, but would love to move to Oregon. We've been talking about the move for several years. Hope you have a fantastic event this weekend.
Lori in Atlanta

Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design said...

Your cottage shop looks lovely. Wish it were closer.
Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

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