Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The End Result...A Fancy Library Desk

This was another garage sale find over the summer, that I painted Cottage White.  

I guess I just can't leave well enough alone because I had a vision in my head, and it actually turned out pretty close, but boy getting there was not easy.  

I'm sure someone out there has some magical(or at least simpler)way of getting the same result but I like to take the long "challenging" road.  More lessons learned that way right?  No really tell me there's something good in making everything as difficult as it possibly can be, Jk..

I basically made a stencil with the Cricut out of vinyl, but if you know anything about these machines the biggest thing you can cut is 12 x 24, so I actually made umm four stencils? six stencils?  I'm not even sure now.  I guess I needed it to be a distant memory to post about it, because I know at one point I wanted to wad the thing up and throw it away.  Ya see the table is obviously bigger than 12 X 24 so you have to piece it together to make a huge stencil, without it sticking to itself and the other pieces, all the while figuring out which piece goes where.  I'm sure I've pretty much lost everyone by now, so enough about my frustration.  

 I suppose, all's well that ends well because I think it turned out in the end.

Here she is before...

and after...

She was just begging for those glass handles

Lesson learned by the way, it's not going to sell any faster or for any more money than if I had just left it plain white, but maybe just maybe it will get a little more attention on Pinterest.

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Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design said...

It is gorgeous and I will share it on Pinterest right this second. Gorgeous!
Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

Anonymous said...

well your hard work really paid off! It is just lovely!!!

Kathy Moreland said...

It's beautiful!!

Bev Carter said...

I am sure it will sell even though it would have sold as plain white. However, now it is unique and that makes it special.
Have a great day,



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