Thursday, November 21, 2013

White and Wood Dresser

post by Katie
I tell ya this was the item of this summers garage sales.  I think between me and my mom we picked up five dressers similar to this style. This was one of the more special ones a little bigger, and detailed.  

My husband and I picked it up near the end of the summer, and it sat in the garage waiting for inspiration for awhile.   Then I seen this one at Red Hen Home.  I really wanted to keep the drawers and especially the top wood, but after close inspection, it was just a little too rough, so I settled for leaving some of the trim and legs.  I just cleaned it up and rubbed some stain on it to shine it up.

Apparently I didn't take before pics, errr!

I painted the drawers and top Cottage white.  So I guess it accomplished the same look I was going for.  Mixing white and dark stained wood is my favorite look, it's what I choose to put in my own house mostly. 

 Unfortunately most of the pieces we get are in a pretty rough state.  Stripping and staining is pretty much out of the question do to the time it takes, it's just not worth it.  The funny thing is when a piece is in good enough shape to leave in the original state, it takes much longer to sell.  I think people know that our look is painted furniture and they come for that.

Sadly one of the pulls was broken so I had to come up with something.  I don't mind mismatched handles and knobs and the glass ones I chose are still old fashioned and antiquey (I'm pretty sure they're going to add that word to the dictionary) so I'm ok with it, hopefully someone else who wants this look will be also.

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Thanks for the link-back, Katie! I love how your dresser turned out.

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