Thursday, March 20, 2014

Product Highlight:Paper Fun

I thought I would throw in a post here and there with Product highlights.  Different items we have at the Cottage, and ideas on how to use or display them.

The first product I would like to highlight is our new retro paper straws.  Have you seen these?  Its a really fun trend right now. 

I used them for the first time at my daughters Pink Lemonade Party this summer(I'm going to post about it sometime, cause it turned out super cute).

I think they are going to become a party staple at our house.  I love to plan a theme party.  When I went to order them for my other daughters "Mickey, Minnie" party...
I thought "we need these at the Cottage", so I found them in bulk and placed an order.   
I thought I would offer a few more useful ideas for them other than just for drinks.  They are a cheap cute way to add color to a themed kids(or not kids) birthday party, but you can also use them for Holidays, weddings or showers, they would also make a great favor to give away.

 I love em with the little flags...

  You can also fill them with candy powder and make your own pixie sticks.  They are super cute as the stick in cake pops and other desserts. 

Need more inspiration?  check out Pinterest, it's endless there.

If you can't make it to the Cottage, Amazon offers a great variety, and so does Etsy.

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