Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rustic Little Boy Dresser

Post by Katie
This little dresser was my sons little boy dresser, he's fourteen now, so it was time to do a little updating.  we played a little musical rooms recently, the little girls needed the big room because they are sharing, and boys don't really need a big room anyway so we swapped, and updated a little in the process.

I actually did away with a dresser altogether, and just got organizers for the closet from Ikea.  So it was time to get rid of the dresser, weird but it made me a little sad when I went to repaint it.  The paint job was in pretty bad shape, and you can see where he carved his name in it, funny how kids do that they can't even blame it on someone else.  I'm sure I wasn't happy about it at the time, but now it just makes me sad.
It seems almost every project has a lesson, on this one it was "always prime".  I thought since I was just painting over red with red, I would skip the priming, I wasn't just being lazy, it's been awhile since I've painted anything red, and I guess I forgot there is red spray primer, and I didn't want white primer showing through when I distressed.  I painted and it looked awful so I had to prime and then paint again.

I actually wanted to add little stained wooden numbers, but I couldn't find any and I kinda wanted to just finish it.  I settled for making number stencils on the Cricut, and painting them on, except when I removed the vinyl a lot of paint came off with it.  My solution was to just really distress the rest of the dresser, and I think it turned out really rustic, and cute especially with the added wood back splash, made from a pallet, and those adorable little bird handles.

Here it is before...

And here it is all finished and at the Cottage...

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